How We Do It

The Sealcoating Process Explained

Major Crack Repair

Step by step pictorial guides to how we make your asphalt last.

Major Crack Repair

If your asphalt has more than five hundred feet of cracks we will likely opt to use our commercial pump machine to complete the crack sealing project. This machine heats the rubber in a double jacketed tank to 450 degrees, and we use a wand to inject the sealant into each crack.

1. First we prepare the surface with a thorough cleaning


3. If the temperature is above 75 degrees fareinheit we throw black sandblasting sand on the rubber to take away any tacky finish


2. Once the machine is heated we begin application

photo 2(3)

4. We finish the crack filling job by blowing any sand off the lot and opening to the public

photo 1(3)

Minor Crack Repair
Fix Mix Patching

Materials We Use

We use only the highest quality materials to bring you the best product and service possible.

Our Sealer

We use a nationally accepted sealcoat that meets industry standards, including FAA requirements for airport pavements. It costs more than some of the alternatives but it lasts up to 50% longer than its competition and can’t be beat for quality. Learn More.


Our Crack Sealant

Crafco hot rubberized crack sealant type 200 is used for major crack repairs while Superflex is applied in minor crack repairs. More information on this material can be found at


Our Patching Compound

Neyra FixMiz is a "high tensile strength, pigmented, water based, acrylic latex bonding agent" ( FixMix can be used in areas too shallow for cold patch, and it serves well in dips and oily areas.


Our Line Striping Paint

Hydrophast™ is a lead free, VOC compliant fast drying, 100% acrylic waterborne traffic paint. Conforms to the new Federal Specification TT-P- 195 2E Type I & II as well as most state & federal specifications.

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