Frequently Asked Questions

You should sealcoat your driveway when 40 to 50% of your original asphalt is showing through. Typically it takes 3 to 5 years for our Sealcoat. Sometimes with extremely severe winters and extra plowing the sealer will only provide adequate protection for two years. If you are unsure simply request an estimate and we will let you know if you can wait another year or two.

Yes. Sealer is designed to wear off over time. If you over-apply sealer it will build up in layers and become brittle. Over time the brittle sealer will develop hairline cracks resulting in a very ugly finish.

If your asphalt already has hairline cracks due to over application of sealer we may need to brush the sealer on the driveway to try to fill those small cracks. We may even recommend a brush coat followed by a spray coat followed by a long period of time when you do not sealcoat. Unfortunately, short of re-paving there is no way to eliminate the surface cracks altogether and it will likely always be an aesthetic eyesore.

It depends on the condition of the asphalt. Some jobs look like new when we have finished. Other jobs have so many cracks and potholes there is no way to mask the fact that the driveway is old.

For old and broken asphalt our main objective is to extend the life and functionality of a driveway while making it look as good as possible. It will likely look better when we are done but it won’t look new. 

For asphalt that is in good shape our objective is to make it look as close to new as possible while preserving the functionality. 

Certain issues, such as hairline cracking (see Questions “Is it Possible to Over-Apply Sealer”), will cause more of an aesthetic eyesore than others.

Any crack 1/4″ in diameter or wider (approximately the width of a pencil) should be filled with rubberized crack filler. Cracks smaller than 1/4″ will not allow enough material into the crack. For these  cracks a coat of sealer will be sufficient to protect the asphalt as they are surface cracks and water will not penetrate into the base.

Whether you have ten feet or ten thousand feet of cracks it’s almost never to soon or too late to crack fill. There are extreme cases when crack filling will no longer be a sufficient means of preserving the driveway and repaving should be pursued. If your driveway or parking lot is past the point of no return we will tell you so that you can save your money for repaving.

Unfortunately there’s no way to get cracks to disappear altogether even with crack filler. Crack filler’s number one objective is to keep water out of your asphalt’s base. In order to do that enough material has to be applied so that the crack filler won’t simply crack once again. Sometimes that means the crack filler will be slightly raised up from the surface of the asphalt. You will likely see a band of crack filler even after we finish sealcoating because the crack filler is a different texture than your asphalt. Also, the sealer will wear off the crack filler faster than the asphalt as the sealer is designed to bond to asphalt, not rubber. Even though cracks won’t disappear completely, they will look like you are caring for your driveway, they will look less obvious and most importantly they will no longer be allowing water to pour into the base of your asphalt.

Also, we won’t apply rubber to any crack less than 1/4″ wide so you may see small surface crack outlines if you have a dry asphalt surface.

We have an industry leading estimate guarantee: no hidden charges or fees and receive your estimate in 5 business days or we will give you a $50 discount. 

95% of our customers receive their estimates in the five business day time frame. Sometimes when we are extremely busy it may take longer to complete yours but we will compensate you with the $50 discount. 

If it has been longer than 5 business days and you are wondering when we will arrive please contact us and we will expedite your estimate that business day or the next. 

After requesting and receiving your estimate, email us at office@holschersealcoating or call (401) 651-6369. Once you tell us you want to proceed we will schedule your job for a day that works for you.

If the customer has no time constraints we can normally complete a job within one or two weeks depending on how busy we are at the time. Often we will be able to book your job to be completed within a few days of your call.

If you need your job expedited for any reason please let us know and we will work with your schedule.

Similarly, if you need to wait until a later week or month let us know and we will get you set up for a week that works for you. Once we get closer to that time we will set you up for a specific day.

You can reach us by email at office@holschersealcoating or call our office at (401) 651-6369.

1. Call or email and tell us what time frame works for you

2. After the time is set put the appointment on the calendar!

3. Cancel lawn fertilizing or chemical applications up to 3 weeks prior to the job. Otherwise discoloration will occur.

4. Turn off irrigation at least 12 hours prior to our arrival

5. Move vehicles prior to our arrival and keep them off for 48 hours

6. Do not walk on the driveway for 12 hours

7. After 48 hours you may throw away the tape and stakes at the bottom of the driveway

8. We always appreciate it when the customer leaves our sign up for awhile but feel free to throw it away when you get tired of it, or keep it and we will give you $20 off next time!

IMPORTANT NOTE: a $100 rescheduling fee will be charged if lawn chemicals require us to reschedule the appointment or if damage occurs as a result of premature use of the driveway

Thanks for helping us do a stellar job!

Sometimes things come up and customers need to cancel their appointment. If this is the case please contact us at least 48 hours ahead of time. Otherwise we will not have time to fill your slot and we will lose a substantial amount of productivity.

If a client needs to cancel within 48 hours of the project we will add an additional $100 rescheduling fee to the cost of the job.

If there is some kind of emergency please let us know and we will work with you!

We do not allow customers to reschedule based on their fears of the weather. We leave each day scheduled in case the forecast is not accurate (yes, the weatherman does get it wrong sometimes!). If we cancel the jobs ahead of time and the day ends up being beautiful it is a big financial hit for our company. Our policy is to reschedule jobs the day of their appointment if rain does in fact occur.

Asphalt needs to be dry in order for us to work on it. If we are just patching or crack filling then it is fine if it rains after we are done. However, if we are sealcoating, we need two to three hours before the rain hits for the sealer to set up.

If it is too risky for us to sealcoat we will reschedule your job for the next convenient time for you.

We always watch the weather with radar and hour by hour forecasts. 

We reserve the right to cancel your job. Sometimes customers may worry that it is too risky to sealcoat but we have fifteen years of experience to guide our decisions. We guarantee our work. If it is too risky we will hold off. If rain damage does occur due to a fluke storm or weather event we will return and fix any rain damage that occurred.

Short answer: YES! Our motto represents our role in the asphalt world: “We pave it. We save it!” We specialize in asphalt repair and maintenance so that our interests will always be aligned with saving your asphalt and saving you money but we also work with the best paver’s in the industry to provide affordable paving services.

If it rained soon after the job was completed there may be rain damage. Rain damage is easy to spot if you know what to look for. Sealer has several pounds of white sand in each gallon. When it rains on wet sealer the cold tar washes away leaving behind the white sand.

Sometimes there may be a little discoloration due to rain if the sealer is in between being dry and wet. The tacky sealer doesn’t wash away but it may become a blue or gray color. If you notice discoloration or white sand simply call us up and we will take care of it ASAP!

We ask for a 33% deposit prior to completion of the job and the remaining 67% when the job is complete.

We accept all major credit cards (3.4% processing fee, though) and mailed checks. For accounting purposes, we do not accept cash.

Options to pay DEPOSIT & Balance: Mail a check or Pay via Credit Card Link In the Invoice. Please do not give checks to the crew, it’s simpler for us to get all the checks at our P.O. Box.

If you choose to mail a check for the deposit or the balance please make payable to “Holscher Sealcoating, LLC” and mail to P.O. Box 93 in East Greenwich, RI 02818.

Yes, our work is guaranteed until June 1st the following year. We will come back at no charge to you to fix any problem that is a result of a mistake, rain, or some other factor that causes the job to be less than stellar. We stand behind our work.

There are a few problems that are sometimes misunderstood to be workmanship issues when they are in reality problems that cannot be fixed short of repaving: hairline cracking in the asphalt will never completely disappear no matter what we do and cracks may not be completely level even after we fill them because the rubber is designed to flex–on hot days it will expand and may be above the surface of the asphalt and on cold days it will contract and may be below the surface of the asphalt.

No matter what concern you have we will be glad to stop by the job and look at it to give you an honest assessment. More times than not we can quickly schedule the touch-up in to the week’s work and take care of the issue unless it is one of those problems that cannot be rectified no matter what we do. 

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