Our 100% Quality Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Every step of our process is backed by our 100% Quality Guarantee.  We stand behind our work whether your asphalt is in need of a simple sealcoating or you have a parking lot that needs extensive repairs.

Overspray Guidelines:

Our crews are extremely careful when spraying so sealer does not end up in the wrong place. If, however, you notice overspray, this must be reported within 24 hours after the job was completed so we are able to clean the surface before the sealer dries.

Rain Damage Guidelines:

If newly applied sealer is damaged by rain before it has had time to dry, we will go back and respray the areas that failed. The customer must call us within 24 hours after the job was completed so we are able to properly address the damage.

Residue Guidelines

Many driveways have things on them that cannot be seen which inhibit adhesion, such as algae, mildew, or soap residue. If there is evidence that we need to address areas with additional cleaning to remove such residues, we will bring it to your attention and advise a bleaching treatment for an additional cost. If the sealer fails even after this, it is due to substances on the driveway that we were not able to see. We feel we owe it to the customer, who has paid good money, to respray the failed areas. This is a one-time courtesy. If, however, we advised that the driveway be cleaned prior to sealcoating and either the customer cleaned it themselves, or the customer decided not to address the matter, we cannot be held responsible for any damage.

Any failure due to algae, other residues, or sealer failure will occur during the winter after the sealer was applied. The customer must call by June 1st of the following year for to be covered by the guarantee.

Winter Failure Guidelines

Our company sealcoats until mid-October, although the cut-off date varies some due to the current year's temperatures. If a frost occurs within 3 weeks after seal coating, the sealer may not adhere correctly. If we determine that it is still warm enough to seal coat and a frost occurs after application, resulting in damage, we will respray the failed areas as long as they are reported by June 1st of the following spring.

If the customer asked us to seal coat after the date we advised, we cannot be held responsible for damage.


We are not responsible for sealer that is scraped by a plow, or discolored due to soaps, detergents, or fertilizer/fertilizer run-off on the driveway during the first few weeks after the job is completed. During this curing time, these substances will react with the sealer and cause stains.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed for Crack Filling and Patching. However, be advised that cracks may re-open and patches may crack due to the extreme temperature fluctuations of our climate. We cannot be held responsible for this kind of wear as it is a normal result of harsh winters in New England.

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