We use only the highest quality materials to bring you the best product and service possible.


“Tarconite is a concentrated refined coal tar emulsion specifically formulated as a weather protective, gas and oil resistant coating over the asphalt pavements of airports, parking lots and driveways. For more than 30 years, thousands of businesses and individuals have made Tarconite Sealer their first line of defense to protect the longevity and beauty of millions of acres of asphalt pavement. Locking out spills and protecting against the elements, Tarconite delivers a rich, smooth, black finish that is unparalleled in the marketplace, year after year. When appearance and protection are foremost in your mind, invest in Tarconite.” (www.tarconite.com)

Tarconite is the only nationally accepted sealcoat that meets industry standards, including FAA requirements for airport pavements. It costs more than some of the alternatives, and we have to drive to Worcester, MA, to get it, but it lasts up to 50% longer than its competition and simply can’t be beat for quality.


“QPR® Permanent & Easy Pothole Repair is North America’s number one high performance permanent repair materials for patching potholes, filling utility cuts, and repairing damaged asphalt.” (www.qprcoldpatch.com) QPR is what we use for fixing dents, holes, and large cracks in pavement before we sealcoat it.


Crafco hot rubberized crack sealant is what we use to cover cracks in pavement. More information on this material can be found at www.crafco.com.

Neyra FixMix

Made by the same manufacturer that produces Tarconite, Neyra FixMix is “a high tensile strength, pigmented, water based, acrylic latex bonding agent” (www.neyra.com/products/fixmix/). FixMix can be used in areas too shallow for cold patch, and it serves well in dips and oily areas.